In passing the baton at Mercy Education Project, I would like to thank MEP friends for their support over the past decade and introduce Kathryn Tanner as MEP’s new executive director. I’ve gotten to know Kathy in recent weeks and am confident she will continue the great work of the organization. She has great energy and passion for MEP’s mission plus a wealth of leadership experience. MEP is in good hands.

After ten years, I felt it was the right time for a transition. I'll be exploring new opportunities, helping with the transition, and taking time for reflection. MEP does great work and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of the mission. I look forward to MEP continuing to help women and girls discover what is...

John King came to MEP in 2007 when a current volunteer suggested his math skills would be an asset to the Women’s program at Mercy Education Project, and he has never looked back.  During his 40 plus years as an engineer with Ford Motor Company, John, now retired, spent many years as a manager of engineering education, mentoring and teaching others. John already had a long volunteer resume before arriving at 1450 Howard Street, continuing to teach and mentor after retirement. He tutored at Loyola High School in Detroit, Focus Hope, Northville Youth Assistance and taught Elementary and High School math application through a program at...

A representative from Walsh College visits with the students in the Girls' After-School Tutoring Program.


Making College a Reality

By: Kelly Cousins, Director of Girls' Program Services

We want to empower our girls with a choice.  Not everyone needs to go to college to be successful and happy.  However, it is my belief that everyone should be presented the option to go to college.  And not just the option, but the tools and resources to make that option a reality. And not just the tools, but also the research that shows how college is affecting one’s ability to find a...

By Sally Jirjis, Future Pathways Coordinator

Here at MEP, the objective of the College and Career Ready curriculum is for our students to take the next step from their GED to professional pursuits. The women come from diverse backgrounds and may be very unfamiliar with the career planning process. The goal-setting theory applies to people who come from all walks of life, whether it’s the CEO from a Fortune 500 company or a woman coming from low socioeconomic background who’s working to achieve her diploma. I am still getting to know these ladies, so I was curious about what some of their personal goals may be. With the New...

This semester I have been doing a lot of preparation for a college and career readiness program we aim to ramp up in the next year.   I want to emphasize the importance of getting a college degree no matter what career one goes into.  College is accessible to our students; however there are a lot of barriers to fulfilling that goal.  Most of our MEP students will be the first in their families to graduate high school, apply to colleges, attend college and graduate with a four year degree. In their minds, college is a very tough, scary and confusing unknown.  Many first generation prospective...

By: Kaitlin Popielarz, MEP Instructor and Guest Blogger 

Justin Schaefer came to Mercy Education Project through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Beginning in the fall of 2014, Justin promised to live with spirituality, simplicity, community, and fervor for social justice with his housemates. It would be in this life of servitude that Justin would learn much about himself while teaching those around him what it means to live life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

 At MEP, Justin taught both Science and Math in the Women’s program. Justin was also deeply involved in all aspects of MEP’s mission. He was always one to lend a...

As I prepared to attend the National Philanthropy Day dinner last week honoring Mary Wolking, a cherished tutor and development Mercy Education Project volunteer, I was again mindful of the extraordinary debt MEP owes Mary for her singular service to our mission as well as the hundreds of other volunteers who have made our model not only possible but also successful. Last year MEP was fortunate to benefit from 120 volunteers who contributed $150,000 in tutoring and instructional service. Volunteers who have dedicated themselves to conveying the rigorous language arts, math, science and social studies curriculum...



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Bulletin Board

Here are some recent comments from community members, volunteers, students and others who are commenting on Mercy Education Project.


"Education is an opportunity and can be transformational for our most vulnerable communities; especially those, like us, working tirelessly in search of the American Dream. Programs like Mercy Education Project have successfully removed those barriers for many and have educated our women and girls and is transforming their lives."

JoAnn Chávez, Vice President Legal & Chief Tax Officer
DTE Energy, August 2017


"….Literacy is a fundamental right and an essential building block for a productive life. Increasing adult literacy also ensures more parents can be engaged in their children’s education, ,making this a cause  critical to helping families break the cycle of poverty. Thank you to Mercy Education Project for their tireless efforts to ensure everyone has an opportunity to learn to read. Together, I know we are making a difference.”

Warren C. Evans, Wayne County Executive
Wayne County, December 2016