Girls’ Programs

What we do

The After School Tutoring Program provides one-to-one, intensive tutoring in reading and math to improve academic performance for girls in 2nd through 12th grade living primarily in Southwest Detroit.  Tutors include retired teachers and trained professionals.  Girls receive assistance with reading, math, computer literacy and creative expression.  THe After School Tutoring Program also provides ACT test prep and college readiness for girls in high school.

During the summer we offer the Emerging Leaders Program, a two week enrichment camp for middle school girls focusing on leadership and personal development.

Why we do it

In Detroit, only one-quarter to one-half of high school students graduate, and nearly half of the adult population is considered functionally illiterate. In southwest Detroit, 24 percent of adults do not have a 9th grade education, and more than half did not finish high school. Girls who participate in MEP’s tutoring sessions are often neo or more years behind grade level in reading and/or math, may live in single-parent families, and have many family responsibilities. MEP provides a supportive environment that reinforces skill development and encourages success.

How we do it

MEP focuses on math and reading improvement with evidenced based, one-to-one tutoring proven to work well.  OUr evaluation, tracking and tutoring process includes: 

  • Educational pre-assessment to determine grade-level and achievment gaps
  • Ongoing assesments throughout the year
  • Thoughtful student-to-tutor matching
  • Thirty minutes of an engaging learning activity
  • Tutoring for a minimum of 60 minutes per session
  • Post-testing to measure reading and math improvement

The Girls’ Tutoring Program also offers after school meals, transportation and structured activities and provides other enriching experiences. Periodic Family Nights during the program year help to engage parents and caregivers in their child's education.


  • Nearly all of the girls in grades 2-12 who receive tutoring in reading and math show signigicant improvement over the course of the program year. 
  • All 8th grade students in the tutoring program advance to high school; unfortunately many students across the community do not make this important transition.

    Want to enrolL?

Call us at 313-963-5881.

Space is limited.  Those not enrolled will be placed on a waiting list. 


All girls entering the program must:

  1. Take a pre-assessment in Reading and Math
  2. Complete all paperwork
  3. Bring a copy of the most recent report card
  4. Proof of Address (Government ID card, driver's license, bill or bank statement)
  5. Proof of Income (Paycheck stub, income tax form, Bridge Card, Medicaid Card, SS check/statement, or Disability check/statement)